Package prices:

Save big when you book a package deal with Mr. Oven Guy, or choose exactly what you want cleaning by selecting a service from further below! All of our services are carried out to the highest standard, please contact us to book in.

  • Single + Hob
    • Single oven
    • Hob
    • Most popular!
  • Single package
    • Single oven
    • Hob
    • Hood
  • Double + Hob
    • Double oven
    • Hob
    • Great value!
  • Double package
    • Double oven
    • Hob
    • Hood

Single ovens

What’s included? A single oven includes a thorough clean of everything inside your standard-width single door oven plus a clean of the door. The hob and hood can be cleaned also as an extra service. We use a gas-powered heated dip tank to thoroughly clean all removable parts and use specially formulated chemicals to clean inside the oven that are safe to use around the home, children and pets but strong enough to break down all sorts of stubborn baked-on grease!

Double ovens

What’s included? A double oven includes a thorough clean of everything inside your two standard-width single door oven areas plus a clean of the oven doors. The hob and hood can be cleaned also as an extra service.

Range ovens

Range ovens are classified as 90cm and wider. A standard 90cm 5-burner hob range oven with a single door starts at just £80.00, and includes the hob clean! Our competitive prices also make cleaning larger range ovens are also stubbornly good value, with extra oven areas starting from just £10 per extra oven. A 4-door range oven for example starts at just £110 and includes your hob clean too!

AGAs and Rayburn cleaning services

A complete clean of an AGAs and Rayburn ovens start with a price of £140 and include every oven area and hob. For your bespoke AGA or Rayburn quotation please call us and we’ll be happy to help!


This year’s summer was a scorcher, and although at the moment it seems to be over maybe it’s time to get your barbeque cleaned before it’s put away for the winter! With our specially formulated chemicals and expertise not only will your BBQ be back to its former glory but ready to use immediately!

Prices start from just £50.00.


Give your microwave the Mr. Oven Guy treatment it needs, and deserves!

Using the same range of market leading professional grade cleaning chemicals as we do on our oven cleans, your microwave will be cleaned inside and out. With our professional clean your microwave will be left performing as it should be and odour free!

We did think about calling ourselves Mr. Oven and Microwave Guy but thought against it!

Microwaves: £15.00
Combi-microwave: £25.00

Additional services


Hood: £20.00
Hobs (5 rings): £20.00
Hobs (6-8 ring): £25.00
Grill pans:
Oven bulbs: £5.00
Extractor bulbs: £5.00
Single door strip-down: £10.00
Oven seals supplied and fitted: from £25.00

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