Up and running, the story of Mr. Oven Guy!

After four days down in sunny Bournemouth, and a many ovens cleaned, I am happy to announce that I have completed my training and am a fully certified oven cleaner!

That’s me on the right, Ryan aka Mr. Oven Guy!

First, I should probably introduce OvenKing and my intentions of training with them.

I wanted to run an independent business to give myself the work life balance, so that I could to a degree have more control over how much quality time with my family. After a lot of research, due diligence and help (you know who you are!) I came to the notion of oven cleaning. Done right, and properly, oven cleaning can be a rewarding (although hard work) career. I wanted therefore to train with a legitimate, established organisation in the trade and it became apparent that OvenKing matched my criteria.

Based down in Bournemouth, OvenKing are a domestic and commercial cleaning company who also offer oven cleaning training courses.

After speaking to Daryl I felt like I was confident and happy to invest into my new life, and long story short, here I am fully trained and set to work!

Being an independent business, and not part of a franchise was also a big deal to me. So I came up with the Mr. Oven Guy brand name and with some help crafted the style and direction of the company. Whilst the logo might be a bit cheeky, I am serious about delivering the best service possible.

I look forward to the journey ahead!

-Ryan Piggot
Mr. Oven Guy

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